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SIMBON Industrial Group was founded in 1994 to fulfill the growing demand for brazing alloys and products in iran's developing industry. The group started its activities focused on high silver brazing alloys and throughout the years, now covers a wide range of products from Copper-Phosphorus alloys to brass and relevant fluxes.

with tow decades experience  and az the pioneer of this industry in IRAN, SIMBON Industrial Group now holds the major share of domestic market. Having exported to Syria, Iraq and CIS countries. SIMBON Industrial Group is now aiming for global market and developing to prove itself as a well known and reliable international brand. To reach these goals the group has developed a major expansion plan in a 5000 m2 plant with unique machineries and a fully automated production line.

having access to low priced domestic raw materials (such as Copper and Zinc) and low energy and labor costs in iran, has enabled SIMBON Industrial Group to offer competitive prices in global market. On the other hand quality of the products is ensured to be on the highest level by its fully equipped lab and comprehensive quality assurance system (iso 9001).